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WCS Preliminaries at Hyper Japan 2012

I realise that I am writing this post around 3 weeks late! After the weekend of Hyper Japan I had a host of work engagements and holidays including training, a snowboarding trip to the French Alps and a visit to an Offshore platform. I’ve only just managed to get onto my laptop!

If you have been following my progress, then you know that I’ve been working on my Vampire Hunter D costume for quite some time now. Thankfully I managed to get everything finished the weekend before the competition, leaving some time to practice before the competition.

After two hours of makup and nearly overheating in the many layers of my costume, we pulled it off and won!  Laura and I have been lucky enough to get selected to represent the UK in the World cosplay summit this year. I’m really looking forward to meeting all of the other representatives during the final in Japan August. I’m going to be making two brand new costumes, so please keep and eye out for my progress.

Laura and I also have a FB group, we will try to keep it updated regularly! Its the first year the United Kingdom has been invited to take part in the World cosplay summit, so I’ve appreciate any tips and advice from past teams!

Many thanks goes out to Laura for being such a great partner to work with, for making all the props and for putting up with my cosplay OCD.


Joined by Laura Sindall as Doris from Vampire Hunter D

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